Our story

Leekade Orchids is a real family business. For three generations, we are providing premium quality orchids. For over 40 years, we have been growing small-flowered cymbidiums and we have specialized in growing sustainable, strong and bright colored cymbidiums.

Thanks to our perfect planning, we manage to produce 8 different colors all season. Our flowers are available daily at the auctions and at our webshop. Our Premium Cymbidium range has grown over the years too so we can provide any desired color throughout the year. Because of our passion, we exclusively deliver the highest quality. Orchids, we simply love it!

Premium quality

The cymbidium is easy to keep and will stay beautiful for about three weeks. You can use them for arrangements, bouquets, a single stem in a beautiful vase or combined with dried flowers. Especially for small florists, we also have small packages so you can order limited quantities too.

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