Cymbidiums are the most sustainable of all orchids

At Leekade Orchids, we have developed a cultivation method that significantly minimizes energy consumption in growing our cymbidiums.

This sustainable cultivation method is a deliberate choice, aligning with our commitment to energy and environmentally conscious cultivation. By heating our greenhouse with warm water sourced from the Rotterdam harbor, we can even cultivate without the use of gas! Additionally, we grow in harmony with nature by avoiding the use of artificial lighting. Cultivating at lower temperatures improves stem quality and minimizes attraction to insects and diseases. From April to September, we even refrain from using any heat at all.

Utilizing advanced, energy-efficient systems, double screening installations, harnessing residual heat from the Rotterdam harbor, and generating our electricity through solar panels, we actively strive to achieve the lowest possible CO2 emissions. These systems are crucial in minimizing our ecological footprint, enabling us to collectively create a sustainable product that adheres to socially responsible cultivation practices.

By combining our greenhouse infrastructure and the expertise of our skilled team, Leekade Orchids aims to produce top-quality cymbidiums. The essence of our nursery lies in cultivating cymbidiums in the most sustainable manner possible.